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The information contained in this website is intended to be used for informational purposes only and to provide a general overview of the topics described herein. There may be tax and other legal consequences associated with a short sale. (Anand Sabapathy), makes no representations or warranties concerning potential tax or legal consequences relating to any final disposition of any property. Clients are advised to consult with a tax professional regarding the potential tax consequences for their particular situation. (Anand Sabapathy) is providing a service in response to a very complex situation and offers a recommended solution where possible. Nothing is represented as tax advice, or legal advice to our clients as every situation may result in different tax or legal consequences. Please note that (Anand Sabapathy) are not a law firms or an accounting firms and regarding any specific questions relative to any transaction, (Anand Sabapathy) strongly encourages all parties, agents, and brokers involved in a transaction to seek such advice from a professional advisor.

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